You Are Worthy of Your Daydreams

Did you know that you decided to play THE hardest game in the universe. To choose to reincarnate on Earth is the hardest of all games. And you choose to come back and play this game because it’s fun! When you leave this planet you say oh man, I want to play that again and complete all the quests. There are different dimensions and realms. Earth in the 3rd dimension is the hardest level.

The most difficult but the most rewarding. You’ve played other games before and you beat them and it was so easy. After a while you get bored and you want a challenge. This is the most fun game, it’s very exciting! And the game is always evolving. You chose to come here. Everyone who decides to come here comes in at different starting points and at different locations of the world. There is more to my game theory but this is a start. I can go on and on.

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    I just wanted to come by and thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. I am glad you liked my post on how to blog stress free by following time-management tips to meeting goals. Funny how we both have posts on our site about meeting goals. We are like-minded that way.

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