2015 Wins

Hey loves,

I’m still enjoying this whole new year energy because it’s a time to think about all the wonderful possibilities that this year and beyond holds for us. Each day is a new day and sometimes or actually a lot of the times, we tend to forget that. As I was doing my 2015 reflection, I was amazed and grateful for how far I’ve come! Winning! There were so many wins, so many aha’s, and so much wonderful moments which I will treasure and look back on in my life. I have come to a space where I see life is worth celebrating every day. Didn’t used to be this way at all. Depression and just moping around was my reality before. I feel I’ve come to a great balance point where I am in the present moment and appreciating it. I am pretty sure I can list 100 wins for 2015 but here are some of the highlights.


2015 Wins

Moved out of destructive home

Started my business

Went forward in my dreams, now rather than later

Discovered the wonderful world of Fb groups

Connected with absolutely amazing people

Bench pr at 115lbs

Connected with higher self

Channeled the Goddess Golden Gateways

Heightened my intuition, trust in myself more

Connected more to my true authentic self

Realized my love of words and language

Set stronger boundaries, said no more than yes

Had fun travels and yummy eats at places such as Texas & Thailand

Climbed my first mountain

Started a monthly hiking/camping tradition with friends

Celebrated 10 year anniversary with the boo


2015 for me was an amazing year as with each progressing year because I become more and more of who I truly am. I learn more about myself and connect to my own true authentic self and voice and then share that with the world. lt was brought to my attention that I was endlessly learning, reading, studying and never feeling ready which kept me from hiding my voice. I was being a forever student, and although I know I will always be a student of life, it was time for me to step into my path of being the teacher and coach that I always envisioned myself to be.

I don’t know about you, but I am majorly excited for this year because I have huge plans and I’ve decided to stop hiding and to shine my light. I hope that to be the same for you.

Let me know if you want to hear further detail on any of the wins I listed and also I would love to hear your 2015 wins!

Xo Victoria

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