Why I’ve Been MIA & New Workbook

Hello friends. I have been quiet here for the the past few months. I have been pushing and putting a lot of pressure on myself to create a new path for myself while still holding on to the old ways even though it did not align with me anymore. The thing is I knew in my heart that I was heading in the right direction but I was just SO scared. The strong fear led me to find ways to distract myself. And man, was I good at it. The flip flopping with going three steps forward but taking two steps back was tiring and quite frustrating to say the least.


Along with that, I was feeling so blah on my message and my brand. I was not connecting to it and my head kept telling me to pursue other proven and profitable routes in business. I was out of alignment and felt uninspired. I pushed myself to create things but honestly, even I wouldn’t want to read what I had written during those times and I was the one writing it! So finally I released the pressure of it all. And I disconnected from outside influences and voices.


Well the most magical thing happened. I was let go of the responsibility of walking the old path. I’ll write a post on this later on in the year as to the details of what happened but for now I am currently exploring this new space. I had the space and time to really dig deep and connect to my soul. I asked myself a whole lot of questions and then asked myself some more. Some days, I didn’t know the answers but I just trusted and did things that would propel me forward to where I wanted to go. I upleveled my health and well-being which was suffering months prior. I continued to study and increase my knowledge in healing work and other areas of interest.  I connected with souls that are a light to this world that make this world a better place. Everything that I learned and all the resources I had about running an online business finally started to come together. I could actually apply them as the foundation I had been working on started to materialize.


I see now that the break I took was to work on my foundation and the start of my new life adventure. I had built one before but that was the old me so I had to start all over. Sometimes that happens when you experience such big shifts that you realize you’re not the same person as before. I have been literally waking up every single day for about 4 months now excited to co-create my life. Every single day I feel so much freedom and love.


I created this workbook on questions that has helped me get to where I am today which is joyfully being connected and living the life of my dreams. I hope that it inspires you as well to explore and connect to your soul and your adventurous life.


Thank you for being you because you make this world a better place.


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